IT Jobs in England: the smart ways to explore

Posted by admin | On: Aug 21 2014

If you are a university graduate with a degree in information technology (IT) from England, then most likely your prime mission is to get the most suitable IT job available. While you are aware of a basic framework of a typical IT job, we would like to help you to learn more and strengthen your knowledge base.

A typical IT job involves key activities like installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, scanners, planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades, talking to clients and computer users to determine the nature of problems, responding to breakdowns, investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults, repairing equipment and replacing parts, supervising junior engineering and technical staff, agreeing call-out timescales, obtaining replacement or specialist components, fixtures or fittings, ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation, checking computer equipment for electrical safety, maintaining records of software licences,  managing stocks of equipment, consumables and other supplies.

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There are various ways to explore searching for IT jobs. Some of the more common ways include opting for one or more of the following media:

  • Newspapers
  • Job fairs
  • Social networks

Searching in this waycan  not only be rather time-consuming but also questionable as youhave no guarantee in knowing whether you possess all of the necessary qualifications required and  if your resume is falling into the right hands. More Often than not, your resume is amongst hundreds of others and  could easily get mislaid or filed away never to be viewed – resulting in not even having a fighting chance of obtaining one of the IT jobs that you are applying for.

Working with a recruiting company can be one of the best ways to explore IT jobs. This is because recruiting companies will specialize in IT jobs and ensure that your resume reaches the right people. A Recruiting company is usually hired by a variety of large IT companies to do all of the recruiting and hiring for them. As a result, when you work with such a company, they are the ones responsible for looking through the resumes andfiltering through the various positions matching yours to the ideal post.

Another great option for finding IT Jobsin England is through online job boards, especially those specialised in IT. These sites offer a wide array of IT jobs presently available and also give you the option of registering with them and make your profile accessible to recruiters and other companies looking for IT personnel. This gives you a lot of exposure on the market. Another feature of these sites is the delivery of your preferred jobs by email. When using such a service you will be kept updated each day with the latest jobs that interest you.

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