NHS Tayside says tablets can take the pain away

Posted by admin | On: May 04 2012

The health board bought four iPads for £2,200 in 2010 and then bought 23 more of the tablet computers in 2011/12 at a total cost of £13,800.

This week The Courier revealed NHS Fife spent nearly £17,000 on the fashionable computers for staff while claiming budget pressures had forced it to ration items such as incontinence pads.

But NHS Tayside has found that the high-tech computers can have a practical clinical application — distracting children from pain when they are undergoing medical procedures.

A spokeswoman said: ”Since 2010, NHS Tayside has purchased 27 iPads. These are used for a range of purposes across NHS Tayside.

”In the children’s ward iPads are being used to distract children from potentially painful or distressing treatments such as taking blood samples, when canulas are being fitted and in the lead-up to children being anaesthetised.

”Parents have been very supportive of this and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

She added: ”Some of the executive leads who often work across Tayside and who may also represent NHS Tayside on national projects also use the devices. iPads ensure that these members of staff can work more effectively as they are extremely mobile and offer instant access to emails and documents.”


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