Women’s Health: 10 Priceless Benefits of Lemons

Posted by admin | On: Jun 26 2014

Most people are unaware of how good lemons are for them. This is because of despite their sour tastes that makes one tingle and fold their face when they bite into it. However, there are several benefits of lemon that would make one reconsider it.

Clearing skin

As much as lemon juice can be used to clear the skin and get rid of infections, eating lemon also does the same by fighting of bacteria and giving one healthy skin.

Relief from toothache and gum sores

One could take a piece of lemon and squeeze out the juice from it, into the sore, or where the aching tooth is. It will give you a load some of relief. An alternative would be to chew the lemon for about five minutes, especially on the side where the tooth is aching or the sores are present.

Lemon as an antioxidant

Lemon has some traces of antioxidants in it that are helpful in promoting good health. Eating lemon means ingesting antioxidants into your system hence assuring one of a healthy life (should be eaten consistently for best results)

Source of vitamin c

Lemon is a citrus fruit hence, has high levels of vitamin c in it, alongside other useful vitamins. Eating the lemon often helps to boost your immunity and avoid ailments that are brought around by low immunity.

Helps relieve one of respiratory issues

Eating fresh lemon enables one’s chest to unblock the mucus clogged up in the chest and hence sustains respiration. It would be really helpful for asthma patients

Solves issues with the urinary tract

It has been known that eating lemon helps solve problems such as infections in the urinary tract due to its diuretic nature. Another way in which it assures a healthy urinary tract is by flushing out the toxins from the body, hence no infections will occur.

Relief from gastric problems

Lemon has been known to relieve people of gastric problems such as nausea, heartburn, bloating, and even belching. The regular intake of the fruit can relive the above issues, and also relieve one from digestion issues such as constipation by clearing up the bowels.

Kills cancer cells

When eaten, lemons are able to kill cancer cells and tumor cells, hence prolonging life

Treatment for sore throats

Lemon has antibacterial properties thanks to its high acidity and anti-inflammatory properties. When suffering from sore throat, one could chew the lemon then swallow. A soothing effect will follow that assures one relief from the irritation.

Regulation of blood pressure

Thanks to the high levels of potassium found in lemon, it aids in regulating blood pressure, and controls dizziness in the human body. This eventually reduces the risk of heart disease leading to one enjoying a healthy life.

Considering the numerous health benefits mentioned above, one is assured of having a healthy life, and not having to use the medical insurance card such as the famous European health card. However, the ingestion of lemon should not be a one-time thing but should be part of your daily life for best results. If suffering from one of the aforementioned issues, try out lemon, it will work out for you too.

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